The guys from Florida Georgia Line get up close and personal in their “Confession" video, going all the way back to their childhood. The song is a reflection on years gone by, showing off Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard’s more sensitive sides, compared to some of their other party anthems.

The video begins with clips from real home movies featuring the guys as kids — Kelley playing baseball, Hubbard practicing motocross. It soon zooms out, leaving the memories on an old school TV screen among several others buzzing with static as the band launches into the tune.

Hubbard sits in a Catholic confessional as he begins the verse, alternating scenes of the guys in what looks like an abandoned basement. The TVs in the background continue rolling footage from various sporting events and concerts from their early lives. The guys spend some time in a cathedral as they continue to ponder their life so far and where they are now.

Kelley says the contemplative tune is one of his favorites off their 2014 record Anything Goes. “Man, that hook,” he admits in a press release about the song, written by Rodney Clawson, Ross Copperman and Matt Jenkins. “Tyler and I have enjoyed a lot of special moments personally and professionally over the last couple of years, so we really relate to getting in your truck, driving and thinking about where you want to be. A lot of power can come from confessing things.”

Hubbard concurs. "It’s a crazy ride we’ve been on, and this song really hit home. In the middle of celebrations and successes, we have to remind ourselves that we’ve been blessed to be on this journey. 'Confession' makes you pause and think for sure," he adds.

Check out the full video above.

Florida Georgia Line performed the song on the 2015 CMA Awards after having recently wrapped traveling with Luke Bryan’s Kick the Dust Up Tour. They also did a run of their own headlining show, the Anything Goes Tour, this summer.

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