Florida Georgia Line's 'Dirt' video showcases a sweet love story that truly comes full circle. From being young, in love (and dirty) to one of the partners in the couple passing away, the video cherishes it all.

The heartfelt song is a sound unlike anything we've heard from the duo before, and the clip it has quite the cameo. J.D. Souther plays the older man -- one we follow throughout his love story in this clip. Souther was an important member of the '70s music biz and co-wrote several songs for the Eagles.

FGL's 'Dirt' video begins with Souther discussing the love of his life and why 1968 was such a meaningful year to him. "It was the first year that Rosie started bringing my lunch out to the field every day," he says.

A young Rosie brings her farmhand boyfriend lunch before the two roll around in the mud. Then, it's their wedding day and he's chasing his young wife with the down-home mud on his hands. The couple proceed to have five children, one of which dies at birth. They teach their children the same value of a small town's dirt.

Meanwhile, in between the evolving love story of Rosie and her husband, Florida Georgia Line sing their sentimental Southern song from a barn. The video couple epitomize the song, and Souther's character's love for his wife is evident, despite the fact that she has passed away.

"You came from it, someday you'll return to it," Tyler Hubbard sings as Souther's character says a final goodbye to his late wife and walks away.

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