The first time Florida Georgia Line's Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley shared a stage, it wasn't anything like the spectacle they put on at arenas and amphitheaters across America today. There are some similarities, however, and one ritual that has stuck for over a half decade.

Hubbard says the future hitmakers first performed together at Hotel Indigo in Nashville. They'd play there often in the early days, frequently returning for popular songwriters' nights.

“We started a ritual," Hubbard says remember their first time, "and we still do that today.”

If we’re not on the road touring, we’re back home writing, and if we’re not doing that, we’re in the studio recording. So we just kind of stay fresh and keep switching it up.

“It started out as just a prayer and now it’s just evolved. We get together as a group and do ‘In With the Good, Out With the Bad.’ Say a prayer, do a shot of Fireball, do a little chant nowadays and then we hit the stage," he reveals.

Of course that first show didn't involve pyrotechnics, one of the best drummers in Nashville and a rock/hip-hop atmosphere. But the newly-married 28-year-old insists the two have always brought a ton of energy to the stage. Now they just have more space, and more toys to play with.

“I think it really started to take shape during the Country Throwdown tour (2012) when we were … the barbecue band on the side stage,” Hubbard adds when asked when the current incarnation of an FGL tour began to take shape. This summer and fall they're on the road with Thomas Rhett and Frankie Ballard as headliners for the Anything Goes tour. They've been at it all year, taking a few weekends off and an extended break for Hubbard's wedding. Otherwise the duo have fought off burnout by staying busy writing or recording while off the road.

Fans won't hear any new music during the Anything Goes tour in 2015, Hubbard says, but a new single will likely drop early in 2016. Previously Kelley said that song would change lives, a statement Hubbard didn't go out of his way to back down from. In general he says Florida Georgia Line are excited about this next stage of life and music, and they're feeling much less pressure than they did prior to recording Anything Goes.

The Anything Goes tour continues through October, with stops in Texas and California to closing out August. The duo also have two dates with Luke Bryan on Aug. 29 and Sept. 5.

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