Florida Georgia Line's 'Get Your Shine On' lyrics were quite the team effort. Co-written by band members Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard with the help of Rodney Clawson and Chris Tompkins, the summery country hit has been climbing up the charts.

That's because it's practically impossible to hear the 'Get Your Shine On' lyrics without getting them stuck in your head. They're infectious. And because the song was born in a writing session with four good friends, there's no wondering how they got on the topic of hot girls and "rockin'" summer nights.

FGL met up with Clawson and Tompkins for a writing session around Christmastime last year. Dreaming of summer's laziest days, the guys started putting together lyrics like "Don't stop girl, you know I love it when you get your shine on / 'Cause you and me be rocking all night long."

Basically, the song was inspired by some real-life guy talk.

"We were just writing and talking about stuff like fishing, girls and drinking some beer," Kelley tells Taste of Country of how it came to be. "I remember Tyler [Hubbard] came up with that idea about 'Get Your Shine On,' and he was describing a beautiful girl, a truck -- things that are different and fresh."

Once Hubbard came up with the idea for the chorus, Kelley, Clawson and Tompkins agreed that they needed to find a way to make it sound like a catchy party anthem. Clearly, they were successful ('Get Your Shine On' is currently sitting at No. 5 on the Hot Country Songs chart). But Kelley insists that the duo never writes songs with the goal of creating a hit.

"We don’t like to think of our songs in terms of a hit. We usually think of it in terms of how it will go over live and how it will sound on a demo or in production," he revals. "And then you know you want to cut it when you can’t stop listening to it."

Once FGL decided to cut 'Get Your Shine On' for their latest album, 'Here's to the Good Times,' they had to think about when to release it. With lyrics about summertime fun, it seemed like January or February would be the perfect time for fans to hear the tune.

"It started in January and February, at that time when everybody’s wishing it was hot outside. The goal was to have it take off in the spring or early summer, so we were lucky to have it do that," Kelley says. "The fans were giving a huge response -- fans have been singing every word to the song since it came out."

You know you have a great hit on your hands when your fans immediately know every word to a song by heart. 'Get Your Shine On' has been on the Hot Country Songs chart for 31 weeks, and it looks like it's not going anywhere anytime soon.

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