Florida Georgia Line visited The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday night (Aug. 24) in promotion of their upcoming Dig Your Roots album. While in New York, the duo joined Aaron Paul, Tig Notaro and Fallon for a spirited game of 'Musical Beers.'

The intense game puts an adult twist on the childhood game musical chairs, but instead of chairs, there are red Solo cups filled with beer. Each of the contestants run around in a circle in hopes to end beside a beer when deejay Questlove stops playing music.

So how did FGL's Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard fair? Surprisingly not well. While the duo often find themselves cruising to the top of the country charts, they were forced to take the sidelines early on in the game.

As the game started, Kelley was behind Fallon and could be frequently seen psyching the late night host out by lightly pushing him to the next cup in hopes of winning the game. Kelley had his way, as Fallon was the first one out of the game.

"I'm bummed out. This is gonna be a rough show tonight," Fallon said upon his loss.

"I don't like to lose either," Hubbard added, alluding to the trick he had up his sleeve by moving the cup during the game so it was closer to him.

Unfortunately, BK lost next, followed by bandmate Hubbard. It was a battle for the win with Paul and Notaro fighting for the last cup, but Notaro was crowned champion.

Luckily, Florida Georgia Line got to make up the loss with a performance of their previous No. 1 single, "H.O.L.Y."

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