Florida Georgia Line may not really know the monotony of a boring 9 to 5 office job (at least not these days, anyway), but in their 'Sun Daze' video, they make us think they do. But instead of complaining about it, they escape for a wild pool party -- FGL style.

Ever seen FGL wearing business clothes? Us either, until now. Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard start the 'Sun Daze' video by goofing around instead of getting their work done in their cubicles. That is, until their jerk of a boss (who is even carrying a coffee mug that reads "I am the boss"!) tells them they better shape up -- in three minutes. Do the boys oblige? Of course not.

Instead, they put their favorite shades on and transport to a crazy pool party. The beautiful blue water is surrounded by bikini-clad women, loads of ice cold drinks (and a full bar), food on the grill, inflatable pool toys and one killer pool slide. The party-goers are surely having as much fun as Florida Georgia Line, and they've got their best dance moves out to prove it. (Be on the lookout for Kelley's wife, Brittney Marie, who also makes an appearance.) The party attendees even include a couple of cute pups FGL fans should recognize.

Eventually, the daydream comes to an end ... and the boys are back at work. They hand in their projects, but wait ... the work is soaking wet! The boss is speechless but, hey, they got their work done! Enjoy this awesomely fun video.

You Think You Know Florida Georgia Line?