With the remake of 'Footloose' headed to theaters on October 14, Paramount is releasing bits and pieces of info and clips from the film. The trailer for the remake, starring country singer and actress Julianne Hough, has been unveiled, and it's surprisingly loyal to the original. The spirit of the new film adheres closely to that of the original, where scenes look to be recreated accurately and exactly, yet modernized for the new era. The scene where the cop pulls lead character Ren McCormack over and taps him on the chin with a cassette? It's in there, although it's likely not a cassette in his hand! Ah, how times have changed!

The new trailer is music heavy, and we hear much of the twangy riff and the music from Blake Shelton's remake of the title track. We don't get to hear him sing 'Everybody cut footloose' in the trailer, though. We'll just have to wait a little bit longer.

In the film, Hough plays the rebellious small town girl Ariel, who falls in love with Boston city slicker McCormack, who moves to a southern town where public dancing is a no-no.

Hough, 23, wasn't even born when the original came out in 1984, but she is connected to the original film in more ways than one. The original was shot in her home state of Utah. She told Entertainment Weekly that "I used to pass the roller mills where Kevin Bacon did the angry dance on my way to dance class."

Hough's brother Derek also played Ren in the London version of the stage show. "There's all these little connections," Hough said. The Hough family's 'Footloose' roots run deep. She continued, "When I auditioned for [the movie], I got back in my car. My mom called me and didn't even know I was auditioning. She turned down the music and I said, 'Wait, what did you just turn down?' And she said, "Oh 'Footloose' was playing.'"

Watch the New 'Footloose' Trailer

Watch the Original 'Footloose' Trailer