The handsome Frankie Ballard is one of the newest bachelors on the country music scene. Over the past few years since his breakout hit, 'Tell Me You Get Lonely,' put his name on the radar, the 29-year-old hasn't had much of a personal life outside of touring. But if you ask him, he's just fine with that!

"I am incredibly young," Ballard tells Taste of Country with a laugh. "I never feel [like I'm missing out on a personal life]. I never had the desire to start a personal Facebook page or whatever. I just don’t feel that way, and maybe that will change someday, but right now all I want to do is what I’m doing -- making music and playing music and trying to make a career for myself. Maybe one day if that desire wells up inside of me, then things will be different, but as of now, I just feel like rockin’."

And rock he has. In recent months, Ballard has been headlining and selling out many of his own shows, in addition to having the opportunity to share the stage with the legendary Bob Seger, who hand-picked the newcomer as his opening act on his last tour. With all the craziness, you would think Ballard would be making many big adjustments in his life, but this is actually the lifestyle he's always known.

"My life hasn’t really changed that much because I’ve always just played a million shows and have tried to go a million miles an hour," Ballard says. "So that hasn’t changed, but I just feel like I have more fans that I had before, and with that, you’re able to do a few more cooler things … go to clubs and you can actually sell a club out. It’s been coolest for me to kind of see my fan base grow, even if it was a little bit. The power of radio and the power of those songs and the album and the tours that I have been on … to think back on everything we did last year or in the past 18 months, it’s all really helped the whole meter to move a little bit, and that’s encouraging."

He adds, "If we just stay on the course and keep working hard to keep making good music and giving it my all onstage, that eventually that meter will be moved further up. I’m just going to keep doing that and try to win [everyone] over, one at a time [laughs]."

Look for Ballard to release his new single on Warner Bros. Records soon.