Imagine you're at the concert of the summer. You've just passed through the turnstile, grabbed a tall beverage and stopped to appreciate the muted beats of the opening act echoing throughout the arena concourse before finding your seat in the upper bowl, second to last row.

It's a little difficult to hear, but a man with spiked hair and two or three lanyards hanging from his neck is trying to tell you something. He makes his offer again, and you look him over to be sure he's legit. This man -- the tour manager -- has front row tickets or backstage passes to meet your favorite artist of all time, but you can't have both.

Which would you choose? Is it better to have the best seat in the house to take in two hours of music from the likes of Taylor Swift, Tim McGraw or Brad Paisley? Or would you prefer to push past the velvet curtain to spend time shaking hands -- or maybe even hugging on -- the superstar? Share your opinions in the readers poll below and feel free to offer an explanation in the comments section.