Garth Brooks reunites with good friend and singing legend Billy Joel on the American icon's latest album, 'Billy Joel -- Live at Shea Stadium,' which hits stores on Tuesday, March 8.

The album is a full recording of Joel's July 2008 concert at the historic ballpark in New York. During the show and on the new album, Brooks joins Joel on the song 'Shameless,' which Joel penned and Brooks recorded on his 1991 album, 'Ropin' the Wind,' taking his version of the tune all the way to No. 1 on the Billboard country singles chart.

The 'Live at Shea Stadium' album includes two CDs and a DVD (which will also be available on Blu-Ray) of the performance. The performances took place July 16 and 17 in front of 110,000 fans. The final show was the last performance at Shea Stadium, which the Beatles made famous for its rock history when they performed there in August of 1965.

'Billy Joel -- Live at Shea Stadium' will be in stores on Tuesday, March 8.