Garth Brooks' first experience with viral video may have helped create a miracle for a brave woman fighting cancer.

Brooks was performing in Minneapolis in November when he noticed Teresa Shaw in the audience, holding a sign that said: “Chemo this morning, Garth tonight … Enjoying ‘The Dance.’”

He brought Shaw to the edge of the stage, where the legend delivered a very special performance of ‘The Dance’ just for her, also giving her his acoustic guitar. Brooks proclaimed, "You have all my strength, you have everybody’s strength in here and you will kick cancer's a--!"

The video of that exchange went viral, and at a press conference last Friday (Jan. 9) to promote his seven shows in his hometown of Tulsa, Okla., Brooks gave an update on Shaw's condition.

“I don't know how many people know this, but it was either today or yesterday, she was declared clean," he told a group of reporters (quote via News OK). "I think a lot of that was people praying for her, and a lot of people were praying for her. And I think a lot of people were praying for her because they saw that moment, so that's a great thing."

Brooks has since had other viral moments from the tour, including a performance of 'Friends in Low Places' with Justin Timberlake and another in which he reunites with a Special Olympics competitor he first met in 2007, receiving three medals and giving the man his guitar in return.

Still, the superstar has long been a very vocal critic of YouTube, and he hasn't changed his mind.

“How do I consume most of my stuff? YouTube. I do," he says. "It's a great idea when it comes to uploading people's music, and that's how they get it without compensating those writers. That's not good, and talk about the degree of compensation, that's another thing, too. If I pay you pennies on the dollar and that makes me feel good about what I'm doing, it's still not right. So, I appreciate everything. Here's a simple thing about YouTube. My whole plea is, ‘Hey guys, I was here before you, I have fought you ever since the day it came up, can I grandfather out?’ That's what I'm asking. You don't see any porn on there, so they have a filtering system that you can be out, but they're not going to do it."

Brooks adds, "My dad would tell you everything that is a blessing is a curse, and everything that is a curse is a blessing. That's just how it is and that's what the internet is. Probably one of the greatest, if not the greatest, invention ever and also a harbor for thieves and really bad things going on too. So, you just gotta go on there and pick  -- hopefully pick -- the good things and try and get rid of the bad as much as we can.”

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