Garth Brooks' 2016 has been one of achievements and surprises. During a recent visit to The View he shared his gratitude for his Entertainer of the Year win at the 2016 CMA Awards, as well as his thanks for the support of the music industry, his family and wife, Trisha Yearwood.

Brooks admits he was "very surprised" that he was honored with the coveted Entertainer of the Year Award earlier this month at the 50th annual CMA Awards.

"Awards are for young people," he says. "They just are. We went home to raise our babies and I really never thought you could do it again. Then, when you think about doing it again you think they're not going to let you in to do it again but the industry has been very, very sweet. Now the babies are all healthy, they're all at college and you're touring the world with the love of your life playing music that has spanned the test of time with all your best buddies and people are showing up. This is fun!"

The love-filled relationship between Brooks and Yearwood is apparent throughout every interview the couple does, and when asked what he thinks the key to their marriage is, he says, "I think it's me." While it sounds slightly presumptuous, Brooks took a moment to further explain what he meant.

“I introduce her as the love of my life everywhere that we go. She introduces me as her current husband. So you can see how the relationship kinda works here,” he jokes. "That woman, you look at her and you go, 'Oh my God, she's gorgeous!' And gorgeous is 10th on the list."

Brooks went on to rave about the love of his life, adding that she's smart, a tough fighter and an incredible cook. She wasn't the only one he gushed over on his appearance on The View, though. He later discussed taking time off to raise his kids, saying it was "the greatest thing that ever happened to me."

“No offense to music, thank you for Entertainer of the Year and all that stuff. But if you’re a father or a mother, there’s nothing that beats being a parent and that’s the best time of my life right there,” he concedes.

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