Garth Brooks' appearance on the final episode of 'The Tonight Show' with Jay Leno brought back memories of his early appearances, including this one during which the host outed him as being a proud former owner of a handlebar mustache. Need proof? Well, roll the video!

The clip is from a television program called 'AM Oklahoma,' hosted by the McCain brothers. It aired one year before Brooks would move to Nashville and find success with Capitol Records. In fact, the star was still working a day job at Dupree Sports in Stillwater, Okla. between gigs with Santa Fe at the time. He's barely kidding when he says the band were together only four days prior to this performance.

In fairness to Brooks, Leno's classification of the singer's facial hair as a 'handlebar mustache' is a bit of reach. It's only slightly longer than a good ol' country boy, trucker stache, the sort of which were very popular in the mid-'80s. And it would be long gone by the time the now-icon released the 'Garth Brooks' album in 1989.