Garth Brooks returned to New York City over the weekend for his first shows in the area in 19 years since his famed Central Park show in 1997. Unfortunately for fans attending Saturday's (July 9) concert, Mother Nature forced the event to be delayed three hours. As a result, many fans headed for the doors before the concert started instead of risking being stranded in New York with no transportation home.

According to CBS New York, no refund was offered, which has left many fans furious.

“We expected the concert to last two hours so we expected to take the 10:50 train to come home– so that’s what we took, but there was no concert," one fan, Jennifer Morningstar, explains. “Really disappointing, very disappointed and scammed honestly."

Brooks’ publicist told CBS2 that "Announcements were made all along. It was not possible to specify when the concert would start as we had to put safety first and were at the mercy of Mother Nature."

Still, several fans took to Twitter to voice their frustrations:

A fan named Terri D. tells Taste of Country that no announcement was made telling fans to stay put and that she did not see any of the updates on social media because she only uses Facebook. "Why couldn't they simply make an announcement is my question. Finally, we left at 11:15PM, still pouring and no further announcements," she writes. "To say I was pissed — yes, upset because who knows when he'll be back? — yes, I feel that they could have handled this a whole lot better.

But those who did wait around to see Brooks were satisfied:

Throughout the evening, both Brooks and wife Trisha Yearwood updated their social media accounts to let fans know that the show would go on.

"Hey Yankee stadium, weather has us on hold. So we wait. Thanks for your patience. Can't wait to get this party started. love, g," Brooks wrote.

"We definitely are playing! Just waiting for a little weather to clear. Please bear with us," Yearwood added.

While no one can ever predict the weather, those who did stay for Brooks' show enjoyed the concert of a lifetime.

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