Gary Allan's 1997 hit, 'Forever and a Day,' is just one of the many songs that gave the west coast cowboy another hit for his ongoing list of career successes. The song was penned by the legendary Jim Lauderdale, along with Frank Dycus, who also is the writing team behind Mark Chesnutt's No. 1 hit 'Gonna Get a Life.'

"I was in California at the time," Lauderdale tells Taste of Country. "Every once in a while, I’d call Frank on the phone or he would contact me and say, ‘I’ve got a smash!’ That's how it happened with this song. He started reading me the lyrics to the song."

"Well they say nothin' lasts forever / Honey, I've got news / Whoever said that never got the blues from you / This cloud I'm under looks like it's gonna stay / The thunder's gonna roll / Forever and a day," Allan sings in the lyrics of the opening verse.

"As I was writing down the lyrics he was dictating, a melody started to come to me," Lauderdale recalls.

"Forever and a day / You're stuck here in my mind / Forever and a day / Is such a long, long time," he sings in the chorus.

"This song happened so quickly because of the two parts being put together so easily," notes Lauderdale. "Frank is a real hillbilly poet. He really has a great lyrical sense. I just love writing with him."

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