George Ducas has been impacting country radio in recent years as the hit songwriter behind Sara Evans' 'A Real Fine Place to Start,' the Randy Rogers Band's 'Kiss Me in the Dark,' the Eli Young Band's 'Always the Love Songs,' and many others. However, it's his own song that is currently creating a buzz across country radio. His new single, 'Breakin' Stuff,' which he co-wrote with Thompson Square's Keifer Thompson and Richard Brodock, is burning up the Texas charts, currently shy of the Top 20.

"This is a funny story, and it really is true," Ducas tells Taste of Country of the song's inspiration. "I had been working out at the YMCA. I was done with my workout, and I walked over to a coffee stand. There was an elderly lady who had just poured herself some coffee and wanted some creamer in her coffee. She was having trouble because her fingers were slightly arthritic or something, so she had trouble opening the creamer."

"So I stood there patiently for a while waiting for her to open the creamer, and I could tell she was getting flustered," Ducas continues. "I asked her if she needed help with it, and she said yes, she'd love that. So I took the creamer and opened it, and she looked at me with amazement.  She said, 'That was so easy for you!' I just kind of laughed it off and said, 'Yeah … I'm good at breaking stuff.' Suddenly I was thinking, 'Ding, ding, ding, ding! Good at breaking stuff ... that's a great idea for a song.'"

"I could've missed that and totally not thought of the song, but if you think about things with your songwriting antennas up you wind up with a bunch of ideas and some of them might be good," Ducas continues. "So I quickly ran home and had a writing appointment that day with Keifer, who I love dearly, and we wrote that along with Richard."

"Never been good at being good / I get wrong just right / That's just the way it is / Just the way I am / Just the way I live my life / As soon as I stumble onto something good / I go and mess things up / Guess I’m good, at breakin' stuff," Ducas sings in the song's chorus.

"It's Richard's first cut, so that's exciting for him, and now it's climbing up the Texas charts," Ducas proudly says. "I'm just really thankful for that day. When you're in a conversation with a stranger, that's when these little tidbits come out for a song like this, or even song titles. That's how that one came out."

Listen to George Ducas, 'Breakin' Stuff'