First Lady Acres is a nearly 10,000 square-foot home on eight Tennessee acres, but the gorgeous amenities and decor pale in comparison to the legacy of its previous owners. The house George Jones bought for Tammy Wynette in 1974 is once again for sale.

This Nashville estate boasts nine bedrooms and nine baths. Enjoy the gourmet kitchen, theater, exercise room, putting green, helipad, swimming pool and three-car garage. There's even a safe room should an unwanted guest breach the gated community's entrance. You'll also find a snuggery on the grounds.

What's a snuggery, you ask? Well if you have to ask, you likely can't afford the $5.5 million pricetag.

A website dedicated to selling the property adds that the grounds feature a zen approach to gardening outside a California-style contemporary home, designed for how people live their lives. Zillow points out the house was built in 1970 and stands just shy of 9,700 square feet. The Possum bought the house for Wynette after they married, and while the union didn't end up being a permanent one, the majesty of their homestead remains. One will even find Wynette's closet largely untouched!

The house actually went back on the market in March — perhaps 60 days on the market has left the parcel ripe for a deal? Take a look at a few pictures before assessing your finances. We're particularly fond of the hardwood floors, cedar trim and the snuggery.

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