Entertainer of the Year and music icon George Strait has lots of Christmas memories tucked away, as he's experienced six decades of holidays at 61, but his fondest might be from his boyhood years. Shockingly, none of them involve singing!

"At Christmas time, we always kind of got together at my grandparents and had Christmas there, and it was a lot of fun because you’d see cousins that you hadn’t seen in a while," the legend says.

We can practically see Strait -- with his broad grin and twinkling eyes -- horsing around with his cousins and having a grand old time at Grandma and Grandpa's home.

"Those are the memories that I have, getting to spend a few days with them and opening presents and it was just a lot of fun back then," Strait adds.

While the country star didn't make mention of serenading his grandparents or caroling with his cousins, we'd guess that nobody minded when he belted out a few holiday tunes.

Eventually, Strait would go on to have some of the best-loved Christmas albums that feature a Texas stamp, ranging from 'Merry Christmas Strait to You' to 'Merry Christmas Wherever You Are.'