Many of Jim Lauderdale's songwriting credits belong to the one and only George Strait, including 'Twang,' 'The King of Broken Hearts,' 'Where the Sidewalk Ends,' 'I Gotta Get to You,' and his 1998 Top 5 hit, 'We Really Shouldn't Be Doing This.'

"That one came to me when I was living in Nashville," Lauderdale tells Taste of Country of the start of 'We Really Shouldn't Be Doing This.' "I hadn’t been here very long. I was living in Buddy and Julie Miller’s apartment above their house. They were working on an album, so in order to get some sleep, I went over to the Union Station hotel and found this room that was a real good writing room. That song just kind of came out one day."

"We really shouldn't be doing this / And we both know why / Just being close enough to think like this / Enough to make you need to lie / This kinda talk will lead us to somewhere / Were gettin way too close to going there / The farther off the better to resist / We really shouldn't be doin this," he wrote in the song's opening few lines.

"Usually," says Lauderdale, "it takes me a long time to write lyrics, but that one came to me real quickly."

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