'Glee' is unquestionably one of the most popular television shows today. However, even with five or so songs packed into each episode, the hit series seems just a bit ... well, lacking. Amidst the Broadway show tunes and Top 40 singles, we'd love to see a big slab of country slang -- so that's why we picked out 10 country songs we want to hear on 'Glee,' and we wrote them right into the plot line to save the producers the trouble. Check out our list of feel good two-steppin' songs and I-got-the-blues honky tonky hits, perfectly slated for the 'Glee' screen.

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    'Hell on Heels'

    Pistol Annies

    Like Miranda Lambert and Pistol Annies, the girls performing all the 'Glee' songs are known for their spunk and sass. This season, we'd love to watch the glee club ladies tackle 'Hell on Heels' in sexy black leather outfits, because not only does the hit show need a little more country -- it could use a little more rock 'n' roll, too. This 2011 sex-charged hit would make a perfect theme song for the notorious 'mean girls' on campus -- the cheerleaders, perhaps -- to declare that they're hot, they know it, and they don't care what anyone thinks about it.

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    '‪She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy‬'

    Kenny Chesney

    In 1999, Kenny Chesney brought us all to the realization that big hunks on big hunks of revved up metal are kind of sexy. While we can't see the high school kids from Lima, Ohio belting this one seriously, it might make for a funny 'Glee' joke scene complete with straw hats and bad farmer's tans. Perhaps Artie, who is bound to a wheelchair on the show, could find a need for speed and borrow an electric chair for a week? Throw him in a cowboy hat, tight Wranglers and a pair of boots, and our interest is piqued.

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    'Achy Breaky Heart'

    Billy Ray Cyrus

    When 'Glee' left us last spring, football stud Finn was hung up and hurting for his on-again, off-again girlfriend, Rachel. In the Season 2 finale, they ended their stage performance with a very real kiss, but everything else was left open-ended. Knowing that Rachel has big plans for New York that may or may not include her No. 1 fella, we think this Billy Ray classic would be a perfect solo track for Finn to sing out how he's feeling. (Truthfully, we just want an excuse to bring this hit back to the mainstream.)

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    'Stuck Like Glue'


    Despite their ups and downs, Cheerio cheerleaders Santana and Brittany are best friends forever, bound together for life. We could play off of the Sugarland song's obvious romantic undertones, given that Santana already made her 'thing' for Britt evident last season. It's old news. Still, at the surface, 'Stuck Like Glue' is a a perfect duet for their ultimate realization that they will be friends until the end, through thick and thin.

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    'Ring of Fire'

    Johnny Cash

    In 1963, Mr. Cash rose above the flames to bring us this classic tune about falling in love, though over the years, some new connotations have attached themselves to the song. Nevertheless, we'd love to see the 'Glee' bad boy, Puck, choose this as one of his 'Glee' songs for his leading lady, big girl Lauren Zizes, about his deep down burning feelings for her ... or, you know, his STDs. In the past, this show has made waves for touching on real life topics that teens deal with, so at this point, nothing is off-limits.

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    'This Kiss'

    Faith Hill

    Nothing lights up a spark inside of us like a kiss from a loved one, and this season on 'Glee,' Will is on fire with his love for Emma, which is out in the open once again. Faith Hill says it perfectly when she sings, "I don’t want another heartbreak / I don’t need another turn to cry," and we know that's just how the glee club coach is feeling about his one true love. After all, a kiss is the best way to show how you feel, and we bet by now, both parties are bursting at the seams in anticipation for the lip-lock -- as are we!

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    Dolly Parton

    We'd love to see the 'Glee' openly gay character, Kurt, tack down this Dolly classic as one of his 'Glee' songs, be it just for fun or with a little direction. Given that Kurt is headed back to his original McKinley High glee club and away from his boyfriend Blaine and the Dalton Academy Warblers, anything could come between them in Season 3 -- like a 'Jolene'-esque character, male or female, friend or foe. We just can't imagine a better person to cover this song, which is a perfect fit for the show. Might we suggest a Dolly guest appearance?

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    'Man! I Feel Like a Woman'

    Shania Twain

    Quinn, the cheerleader who got pregnant in Season 1 and tried to split up happy relationships in Season 2 because of her jealous ways, is said to get extra spunky in Season 3. We know she will dye her hair pink for a punked-up scene complete with black leather, but we'd love to see her rebellious streak prolonged with a girl power country hit like this Shania classic. With a quick "let's go girls!" she would hit the high school hallways belting this old school hit, carefree and skipping class to declare, "I only wanna have a good time."

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    'Like My Mother Does'

    Lauren Alaina

    Whether Rachel likes it or not, she's her mother's daughter. This season, when Broadway star Idina Menzel returns to the show as Shelby Corcoran (Rachel's birth mother), we'd like to see the star of the show get in touch with where -- and who -- she came from. Being that she was virtually abandoned by her mom and raised by two dads, Rachel could put a spiteful spin on Lauren Alaina's sweet single, hateful that she is in fact like her mother. On the other hand, maybe it's time for a proper mother/daughter reunion with the help of a 'Glee' song. Is being alike such a bad thing?

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    Taylor Swift

    High school is all about battling life's meanies, and the glee club is constantly battling the show's classic protagonist, Sue Sylvester. You see, Sue wants nothing more than to see New Directions fail, and despite the fact that she's older and more powerful, she resorts to childish means to take them down. Much like Taylor Swift, our favorite 'Glee' stars are undoubtedly headed for big things, and this anthem could be perfectly suited for an ensemble performance where they squash Sue once and for all.

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