As Gloriana gear up to tour throughout the summer they will also wrap work on their new album, to be released on Warner Bros. Records later in 2011. Like most artists who go back into the studio to record their second album after months of touring, the band members have grown with their singing and songwriting.

"We wrote over 60 songs for this album," Gloriana's Tom Gossin tells Taste of Country. "We've had so many experiences over the last three years that we had so much to say. Our lives have pretty much been flipped upside down since our first record. We were an unknown band when we made that record, and now with everything we've done, it was just a whole different process. It was pretty easy to say what we wanted to say because I think we've been waiting so long to say it."

Gossin and his tourmates -- brother Mike Gossin, Cheyenne Kimball and Rachel Reinert -- narrowed the songs down to a dozen, which will likely be the final tracks for the next album.

"Basically, we just took the 12 that we thought could all be singles," Gossin says. "We're super excited about it. I think [the new music] really shows the growth of our band and the growth of us individually as writers and musicians."

As far as the sound of the upcoming record, Gossin says the experience of life on the road helped to a certain extent.

"I'd say it's a little more organic," he explains of the music. "Porta potties and community showers ... it's basically like one big camping trip [out there]. I think [from] being immersed in that world, our sound got a little bit dirtier."

Gloriana's latest single, 'Wanna Take You Home,' is the first off of their new album, which is slated for release this year.