Despite Cheyenne Kimball's recent decision to say goodbye to the band, Gloriana are more alive than ever. In their new 'Wanna Take You Home' music video, the foursome -- well, now threesome -- are ready to get the party started right.

Tom Gossin pulls an old, beat up car to the door of the shindig with his Gloriana bunch in tow. They've obviously been lined up to perform, because as soon as they get there, they take the mic at the center of the action and country music lovers begin to line dance around them.

This party has all of the essentials: trash can fires, banjos, dogs and girls on the hood of cars -- really, everything you could ever need for a makeshift country party. There are lots of gorgeous ladies making their way through the crowd, but the shaggy-haired Gossin brother has his eye on one pretty blonde in particular ... and he's not leaving without her.

Before too long, he gets a minute alone with her and leaves the rest of the group to the music. Just as he tries to cozy up, she gives him a playful push to the side, but only so she can show off her moves on the kitchen counter, as the band sings, "I wanna take you back to my place / You can do your dance on the kitchen floor."

Things get really steamy in the game room on the pool table, while outside the group of dancers are stepping into action and shuffling dozens of pairs of Lucchese boots (side note: You can win a pair of your own by entering the giveaway below!). The party never dies down, but at the end of the video, when we see Tom kick off his boots as the door closes, we know he got what he came for.

Watch the Gloriana 'Wanna Take You Home' Video

Lucchese Boots Giveaway

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