Gloriana's Tom Gossin paid a visit to the hospital yesterday after performing for some time with a torn meniscus in his right knee. He hurt himself when he tripped and fell as he was getting on stage one night and tweeted, “Cut my knee and spilled my drink! Awesome way to end 2010!” The doctor said that his meniscus was “more torn than Natalie Imbruglia.”

After his successful surgery, the Gloriana singer triumphantly posted, “I made it! All is well ... Legal drugs are fun.”

Hours before going under the knife on Thursday, Gossin posted on his Twitter, “Heading into surgery and I realize that I'm 'walking towards the bright light' -- is this bad?" and then, “I'm gonna write songs the whole time and emerge with some trippy-a-- album that sounds like circus music from the future. Pre-order now!”

Gossin’s final tweet pre-surgery was on the band’s Twitter page: "OK, about to be put under -- last tweet: If I don't make it, thank you all so much for helping me live my dream! I love you, and I love life." His brother and bandmate, Mike Gossin, tweeted back, "Keep Tom in your thoughts today, he's having surgery on his knee. Bro if you're reading this from the hospital don't die! We gotta finish the CD!”

Gossin will recover at home in California, and then the band will be back in Nashville at the end of January to continue working on their sophomore album.