Granger Smith may have a goofy alter ego, but when it’s time to show true emotion, he’s got it in spades. The singer recently performed John Mayer’s breakup ballad “Slow Dancing in a Burning Room” in Sirius XM’s Music City Theater in Nashville, and it’s clear he knows how to deliver a poignant tune.

Smith played an acoustic from a stool, accompanied by a second acoustic guitar and a small percussion setup, bringing an intimate quality to the performance. He put his true heart into the song, giving it his signature country twang for a slight twist on the hit. Watch the full performance above.

The artist recently released his debut studio album with Wheelhouse Records called Remington, which features his new single “If the Boot Fits.” Smith says song was inspired by his 4-year-old daughter, London. The first movie they watched together was Cinderella, and he hopes fans will like the country twist on the story. The 15-track album also includes songs from Earl Dibbles Jr., Smith’s redneck second personality, like a patriotic tune titled simply “‘Merica." He says writing for the comedic persona is actually easier than his own.

The patriotism doesn’t stop at his alter ego, though, as Smith recently completed a rapid-fire tour through the east coast, performing in all 13 of the original colonies in just two days as part of his Pledge of Allegiance Tour celebrating the release of Remington.

“I’ve always felt compelled to voice my love of this country,” Smith said about the tour. “My granddad and so many countless others have fought for our freedom. That freedom allows us as Americans to pursue our dreams and I am proof they can come true. I feel blessed to have a platform that may inspire others to remember what this nation was founded on. I hope folks will join me in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance as a symbol of our thanks for those who defend our God-given rights.”

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