Granger Smith's alter ego, Earl Dibbles, Jr. could save the day in his "City Boy Stuck" video, but instead he decides to poke a little fun at city boys.

It's easy to tell Smith apart from Dibbles — Smith is the cleaner, better-looking, more suave version of himself, while Dibbles is ... well, he's a country boy. And country boys don't care about things like fashion, so like in all of his other videos, Dibbles is sporting his signature overalls here.

The video starts with Dibbles putting a good dip in (packing a big lump of chewing tobacco in his lip). With a shotgun in one hand, he rides in the back of a lifted country truck with his flags, including one that reads "Yee Yee!" Dibbles is just enjoying the countryside and having a little fun ... until he comes across someone.

Dibbles sees what "ain't a deer in my KC lights" — it is, in fact, a city boy. The young man is stuck in the backwoods mud in his Prius, and he just keeps spinning and spinning his tires unsuccessfully. Instead of helping him out, Dibbles decides to sing a little song about his misfortune, and then rolls on by the man singing "Yee Yee!" The city boy eventually crawls in the mud to try and (unsuccessfully) unstick his tires, but like Dibbles says, if he would have been in a four-wheel drive, this might not have happened.

Watch the entire hilarious "City Boy Stuck" video above. The song appears on Granger Smith's 4x4 EP, out now. Buy it here.

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