The title song of Granger Smith's new album, Remington, is a love song written from a very different angle.

The Texas-based singer-songwriter has spent years building up a very devoted fanbase through hard touring and independent releases, culminating in the release of Remington via his newly-inked deal with Wheelhouse Records, a division of BBR Music Group. He's sharing special content around the album release with Taste of Country, and in this exclusive video, he says the album's title song was inspired by a real-life gun.

"I grew up with a Remington 870 Wingmaster 12-gauge shotgun. My dad gave it to me," he recalls. While working on the new album, Smith was thinking about the gun, and wondering if it could spawn a song idea.

"This gun is not the newest, shiniest model on the shelf, but it comes from good stock. It's got integrity," he observes. "I was wondering if maybe I'm a little bit like a Remington."

He took the song idea to producer Frank Rogers, who suggested that he try to write it as an unusual love song. "What if you're pitching yourself to a girl, saying, 'I'm a Remington'?" Rogers asked.

"It felt like this could be the title track as I was writing it," Smith recalls. "It felt like it was a simple idea that represents who I am, and so I'm happy with the title of this album being Remington."

The album includes his chart-topping hit “Backroad Song” and a personal ballad called “Tractor," as well as a patriotic new Earl Dibbles Jr. song called “Merica.”

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