Granger Smith has been swatting 'em out of the competition left and right with his latest single, a ballad dubbed 'Letters to London.' This week, Smith and his smooth vocals are up against Roger Creager's chart-climbing single 'Turn It Up,' and if he wins for a fourth week in a row, Smith and his tune will be retired in our Taste of Country Texas Red Dirt Rumble Hall of Fame.

It's easy to see -- and hear -- why 'Letters to London' is so popular with country music fans, Texas and otherwise. The ballad describes a painful 'breakup' between the crooner and his girl London, the result of Smith's own mistakes. While the song is easy to relate to as a sad love gone wrong story, it can also be interpreted as it was written. Smith intended the song to be to his then future daughter, London, as he imagined the pain he'll one day feel when she leaves the nest.

Creager's 'Turn It Up,' on the other hand, is a less sad, more traditional kind of Texas country track. Like good music, the wind in your hair and the open road? Great, you'll love this one. He dubs himself an outlaw with a love of Waylon Jennings and an undying desire to rock a good song with the windows down every time one comes across his speakers. In this upbeat hit, Creager talks raising hell, drinking whiskey from a cup and just generally being reckless in every sense of the word, in any way he can think to 'Turn It Up' a notch.

We anticipate that this week's Texas Red Dirt Rumble is going to be a real battle, but in the end, it's up to you to decide which song wins. Will Granger Smith's 'Letters to London' be retired into the Hall of Fame, or will Roger Creager move on as the new crown-wearing king? Listen to both songs below, then vote.

You have until Midnight CT on Wednesday, Feb. 8, 2012 to vote. Share the link with your friends so they can vote, too. After the winner of this week’s Rumble is chosen, a new match will start up.

Listen to Granger Smith, ‘Letters to London’

Listen to Roger Creager, 'Turn It Up'

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Rules of the Rumble: The artist and song with the most votes wins, and winner goes on to face next week’s challenger. If an artist wins four weeks in a row, he or she will be retired into the Taste of Country Texas Red Dirt Rumble Hall of Fame to allow for new songs to compete.