Taylor Swift isn’t the only country star who’s been caught in Kanye West’s crosshairs or who has had to deal with his antics when something doesn’t go his way. And President Obama isn't the first to refer to the rapper as an "a---," either! Gretchen Wilson was the target of West’s ire in 2004, when he stormed out of the American Music Awards after she bested him in the new artist competition. He subsequently told the press, "I feel like I was definitely robbed … I was the best new artist this year."

Wilson and West eventually made up, but that truce may end now that the subject reared its head again when CMT reported that Wilson reportedly commented on West’s continued bratty behavior at Wednesday’s Grammy nominees party in Nashville.

"His adrenaline was going and he gets very ... he's a very passionate person, you know?" Wilson mused before opening up about how she really feels. She continued, "What am I talkin' about? I don't know him. I don't know him at all. I think he's an a--- really for acting like that. He really is. He makes quite a spectacle. So grow up! Quit being such a baby! You know, if somebody beats you, it's because they deserve to beat you. And I don't know if you remember all the way back to the first time. I outsold you, bro! Do your homework."

Wilson also takes a bit of pride in knowing that she was West’s "first" -- as in the first to incite him. She said, "It's kinda cool for me to know that I was the first. Kanye, just remember, I was your first. And I'm not above kicking your a---."

The gloves are off. Let’s see how West responds. It’ll most likely come via Twitter!