If 37-year-old Gwen Sebastian moves into the deeper rounds of this season of 'The Voice,' she'll be known as the quirky blonde with the 'Fargo' accent. The country singer delivered a performance of Sugarland's 'Stay' that left her in tears, and three of the four mentors fighting for her to be a part of their team.

When asked where she's from, Sebastian quipped "Hebron, N.D. doncha-know," between teardrops. Blake Shelton was first to turn around, but he was followed soon after by Cee Lo Green, and just before the final note faded away, Adam Levine.

"You bastards, you're just doing this to get under my skin," Shelton said to the panel.

"You're tender in the right places," he added, now facing the country blonde, who earlier struggled to control her emotions when she talked about the support of her boyfriend and how she put off starting a family to pursue her music career. Sebastian previously had a record deal with Lofton Creek Records and has released two singles in the last three years. Her song 'V.I.P. (Barefoot Girl)' was also turned into a music video.

"Let me just say that if you look across this panel you'll see spikes and tattoos and things like that. I'm your country guy," Shelton added to his pitch. It felt that the decision was made as soon as he spun around.

"My heart is country, and Blake I would be honored to be on your team," she said. Sebastian becomes the second member of Team Blake, joining RaeLynn from Sunday night's audition.

Watch Gwen Sebastian Perform Sugarland's 'Stay' on 'The Voice'