Gwyneth Paltrow is a self-proclaimed foodie who loves to cook, so it’s a natural fit that she's written a cookbook. The 'Country Strong' star is releasing the book 'My Father's Daughter: Delicious, Easy Recipes Celebrating Family and Togetherness,' in stores on April 13 -- but you can pre-order it now at Amazon. It has over 150 recipes, and Paltrow's included photos of her at home with family and friends in it as well.

Her upcoming cookbook was influenced by her father, producer Bruce Paltrow. The Oscar-winning actress tells The Boot, "I always feel closest to my father, who was the love of my life until his death in 2002, when I am in the kitchen. I can still hear [my father] over my shoulder, heckling me, telling me to be careful with my knife, moaning with pleasure over a bite of something in the way only a Jew from Long Island can, his shoulders doing most of the talking."

"In the last 10 years or so, cooking has become my main ancillary passion in life," she adds. "The stove is really the epicenter of my house -- I am never far away from it and most of the time there is something atop it, simmering away for my family."

The Stir says Paltrow's cookbook will contain recipes for gazpacho, corn chowder, homemade pizza and oven baked french fries, among others.

Paltrow's personal website has all kinds of fun things, from recipes to where her latest travels have taken her. When she lived in Nashville while filming ‘Country Strong,’ she fell in love with two restaurants: Prince’s Hot Chicken Shack for its spicy fried chicken, and City House for its "phenomenal braised fennel with Montasio cheese pizza."

Paltrow has also contributed to Mario Batali's 'Spain ... A Culinary Road Trip,' for which they ate their way throughout Spain. Even so, she's not giving up the comfort foods she grew up with. “When I was growing up, the tomato soup I had was Campbell's," Paltrow says, "and how I love it to this day."