Haley & Michaels are taking fans behind the scenes for an intimate look at their beautiful new video, which uses footage from their real-life wedding.

The country duo of Shannon Haley and Ryan Michaels got married on May 9 at Mountain Winery in Saratoga, Calif., after performing a show at the winery and concert venue with Martina McBride.  Haley selected “Giving It All (to You),” as the music for her walk down the aisle. The couple wrote the song after deciding they were going to write their own wedding vows.

“We sat down to work on our vows, but instead we ended up writing this song,” she says. “We incorporated some of those lyrics into our vows, but we thought me walking down the aisle to that song would be really special, based on what the lyrics are about.”

As they explain in the video above -- which is premiering exclusively on Taste of Country -- they had no idea the song would turn into a single until they were asked about it on the air during an appearance on SiriusXM's the Highway. After committing to playing it on the show, they realized they had just 10 days to get the track recorded before they had the interview to premiere it.

"Just after that one time that they played it on the Highway, we received so many messages from people who were getting married that connected to the song,  and it kind of was the first time we realized that the song might have a bigger life than we had ever intended for it to," Haley says.

The couple were engaged, but they were on the road and not really thinking about wedding planning when they landed the gig at Mountain Winery, which overlooks where they grew up just three miles apart from each other in California -- though ironically, they never met until they both moved to Nashville. As soon as they saw the beautiful setting, they knew that's where they wanted their wedding to take place.

The couple captured footage of their wedding, which director Shane Drake interspersed throughout the romantic new video. They filmed the rest of the clip at Mountain Winery as well, for a video that's just as special as the song it's promoting.

"We were so excited when Shane Drake offered to get involved," Michaels says. "He's the best director on the face of the planet. He's also become a dear friend and big supporter of ours, and he had this really cool idea to do parallels, and do the juxtaposition of Shannon walking down the aisle, and me waiting at the end of the aisle, and then her walking into the empty amphitheater at the Mountain Winery ..."

"Which also has an aisle," his wife finishes. "And so it was walking down the musical journey together, and then comparing that to walking down the actual aisle of the wedding."

Go behind the scenes of the new video in the clip above. Haley & Michaels are currently writing and recording new music for their next project, and they are also making their big debut on the Grand Ole Opry Saturday night (Oct. 24). Keep up with them at their official website, or by following them on Twitter and Facebook.

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