Hank Williams Jr. has always been known for his unbeatable ability to stir the pot, but the singer from the legendary family took things a bit too far when he compared Obama to Hitler during an appearance on 'Fox and Friends' -- and was then pulled from his staple intro spot on 'Monday Night Football' and ESPN all together.

Williams likened the president to the Nazi leader and even went on to refer to Obama and Vice President Joe Biden as the "Three Stooges." Despite not being an ESPN employee, the network pulled the singer's 20-year “Are you ready for some football?” intro from the Monday night games forever, as they didn't want his comments to reflect negatively on their company.

Soon after, Hank Williams Jr. followed his controversial comments with a statement of his own -- in the form of a song called 'Keep the Change,' which was downloaded over 150,000 times in its first day online.