Hank Williams Sr.'s catalog just keeps expanding, even 58 years after his tragic death in West Virginia. On September 13, Time Life will release a three-CD box set called 'Hank Williams: The Legend Begins.'

The first disc includes rare and unreleased recordings from a 15-year-old Williams, and four others (including 'Freight Train Blues') recorded in 1940. All songs on the project were re-mastered using the process that gained recognition and a Grammy nomination for 'The Complete Mother's Best Recordings ... Plus!' earlier this year.

"Talk about a discovery!," Williams' daughter Jett Williams said in a statement. “The first recording of my dad when he was fifteen was given to me decades ago, and then the 1940 home recordings followed a few years later. My husband Keith and I finally got up the nerve to get with the best sound people in Nashville to see if we could salvage these extraordinary recordings. It worked!"

The second and third discs contain recordings from Williams' 1949 syndicated radio show called 'Health and Happiness,' and a performance from a March of Dimes program that includes a heartfelt Williams monologue. "What a special treat for music lovers around the world to listen to the talent of an evolving genius," Jett Williams added. "These recordings are a God send and very special to me and Hank’s fans.”