Hanson (of 'Mmmbop' fame) served as the house band on last night's episode of ‘Dancing With the Stars,' and they were in fine form, going as far as bringing a little country to the show while performing a snippet of Billy Ray Cyrus' huge country hit from the '90s, 'Achy Breaky Heart.'

The Hanson brothers went twangy and did the song proud, showing off their countrified chops. Who knew they had it in them? If Lady Gaga can go country, so can Hanson! Country music is the wave of the future for pop stars and Hanson getting all 'Achy Breaky' on 'DWTS' is indicative of that fact.

The Hanson boys, wearing suits and suspenders and sporting more close-cut crops nowadays, have become men, but they have not lost their ability to play. In addition to employing a tambourine for 'Achy Breaky Heart,' Hanson played the full version of their own hit 'Mmmbop' as well as a handful of other smashes across genres, such Vanilla Ice's hip-hop hit 'Ice Ice Baby' and Lionel Richie's mournful ballad 'Hello.'

The song choices were all a part of 'Guilty Pleasures' week on 'DWTS,' and Hanson will be back on the show tonight to give viewers a taste of their current single, 'Give a Little,' off of their latest album, 'Shout It Out.'

Watch a Clip of Hanson Rocking 'Achy Breaky Heart' on 'Dancing With the Stars'