The content of Heidi Newfield's smokin' new single 'Stay Up Late' is the perfect fit for the sexy and sultry singing star. The tune was penned by hit songwriters Ben Hayslip, Jimmy Yeary and Yeary's wife, Sonya Isaacs of singing quartet the Isaacs.

"I write with Jimmy Yeary every Monday," Hayslip tells Taste of Country. "He came in one Monday and said, 'Man, is "go to bed early, stay up late" a good idea?' I said, 'That’s a great idea!' He said, 'My wife came up with it last night. She thought it was a good idea and wanted to see what I thought, so I wanted to see what you thought.' I was ready to write it right then! He said that she’d be writing it with us, but I talked him into getting started on it that day. We wrote a little bit on it, but we didn’t want to do too much without Sonya. The next day, she came in and we finished it."

The song tells the story of a couple who decide to stay in for the night and enjoy their alone time together in the comfort of their own home.

"We can kiss on the couch / Dance in the kitchen / Sit on the porch and listen to the crickets / Sing us a song and our worries away / Then little later on when the wine starts workin’ / We’ll call it a night and close all the curtains / Come on baby / I can’t hardly wait / To go to bed early and stay up late," Newfield sings in the chorus.

"The demo for the song had a guy singing it," Hayslip says. "It was really written as a guy song. So we were all anxious to hear Heidi’s version of the song. It turned out great. We are all really excited about it."