Her and Kings County's debut with Warner Music Nashville is equal parts Gretchen Wilson and Colt Ford with a dash of Britney Spears. If one were to compare this song to a girl or boyfriend, 'White Trash Country Boy' would be the one you fool around with but have no intention of bringing home to Mama. For some, it'll be the song they still dream about long after they've settled down with something safer. Others will just forget it when Mr./Mrs. Right comes along.

The New Yorkers aren't the first to mix hip-hop, country and rock and put a catchy name around their cocktail (city country, in this case). There's little doubt this song will sound great after a few beers at the honky tonk on a Friday night -- as does the boy/girl in the above metaphor -- but at 3PM on a Tuesday or 11AM on a Sunday it's out of place.

"I need a white trash country boy who ain't afraid to make some noise / Redneck, what-the-heck, hillbilly, you bet / Oh no tell me what's a girl to do / I'm gunnin' for the real McCoy / I'm gonna get me a white trash country boy," lead singer Monique Staffile sings during the chorus.

Lyrically, this song isn't exactly going to win a Pulitzer. The first verse explains why Staffile is so in need of some country lovin'. "I've been waitin  all my life for someone to get it right / My heart is empty what a pity why can't I find what I like / I wanna shake up and find something new / And I ain't talking heavy hitting city slickin' that'll never do."

Her and Kings County work hard and tour as much as they possibly can. There's little doubt their live show is electric, but it's difficult to appreciate this song if he or she hasn't had a chance to watch them perform it. The same can be said for other hick-hop artists like Colt Ford or J.B. and the Moonshine Band. So many artists are trying to "shake up" boring ol' country radio that they're almost mocking a sub-genre that showed promise if it hadn't become popular.

Watch the Her and Kings County 'White Trash Country Boy' Video