Although Hillary Scott is thrilled to kick off the Lady Antebellum Wheels Up 2015 Tour, there’s one part she’s not excited about.

“My little girl is not going,” the 28-year-old musician told reporters at a Nashville brunch designed to celebrate the tour announcement. Scott and her husband, band drummer Chris Tyrrell, have an 18-month-old daughter, Eisele Kaye. And while the first-time parents cherish any time spent with their precious daughter, they knew it wasn’t practically feasible to take her on their three-week, eight-city run tour through Europe and Australia.

"It’s just logistically a nightmare," Scott explains. “But she will be in good hands. My mom will spoil her rotten and I’ll have to come home and probably rewrite a lot of bad habits.”

While Scott is sad about being away from her daughter, she adds that the excitement "overshadows" it. "My dad had to remind me that Eisele won’t remember it," the frontwoman shares. "With my husband being our drummer, we’ll be together and we’ll get to see the world and know that she’s at home and safe and happy.”

Bandmate Dave Haywood will also be spending time apart from his 4-month-old son Cash Van during the international expedition. “Those are the tough parts. Those are the sacrifices,” Haywood admits, “But my wife will be home with Cash, and when we get over there, we’ll probably forget about it when we’re sleeping in ‘til noon!”

Scott, Haywood and bandmate Charles Kelley will kick off the Wheels Up Tour in Norway on Feb. 28. Additional concerts will be performed in the U.K., Ireland and Australia. Once Lady A return to the U.S., they’ll be able to tour with their babies on board.

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