Hillary Scott & the Scott Family are set to release their debut gospel record Love Remains, on Friday (July 29) and the singer has opened up about the album, the lead single "Thy Will," which she had a hand in writing, as well as what it was like being in the studio with her family for the first time.

"To be able to talk openly about the whole thing, I'm so excited," she told a room of press at Sinema Nashville. "It's been some of the most precious months in my life. I'm over the moon."

Hillary Scott & the Scott Family's debut single "Thy Will" has already seen success at Christian radio as the song recently landed at No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot Christian Songs chart. Scott tells Taste of Country that "Thy Will" is the most honest song she has ever written as it follows her struggles after a miscarriage last September. She says it's a song of her talking to God and asking him: "Why?"

"It was my honest conversation with God: 'Why do bad things happen? But ultimately I trust your will for my life and that it is all going to be okay.' To be able to write that song was such a healing process for me," she says.

It was no doubt a difficult time for Scott, who said she had to wake up every day for her husband, her daughter and her bandmates as she had a tour to finish with Lady Antebellum. As it turns out, writing the song became an outlet for her to get out some of her angst, emotion and frustration.

"I tried to let myself feel out every emotion I was feeling though the process," she adds, saying that she felt dishonest in not telling the people what was going on.

Scott tells Taste of Country that during the writing appointment with Emily Wiseband and Bernie Herms she laid her heart out to her co-writers.

"I'm so glad that I felt safe there with them to share what was going on. Truly, I believe it became a pass-through for a message that was a lot bigger than my own specific thing that I was going through," she tells Taste of Country. "The response that it's gotten and the people who have reached out and shared what it means to them, it was more than just about my story."

Scott shares that producer Ricky Skaggs' studio became a sanctuary for her while recording Love Remains. Her daughter Eisele was frequently in the studio as well as her entire family including her mother, Linda Davis, father Lang Scott and little sister Rylee Scott, who make up the Scott Family band. One day in particular stands out for Scott, though.

"There was one day when we were all there. That day was really sweet because it was the four of us -- the Scott Family, my husband, my daughter, my grandmother who was my grandfather's widow who was the catalyst of this project and then my dad's sister," Scott recalls with a smile. "It was a huge group of our family. Getting to share that with them, for them to hear it in the big speakers in the control room, even in the infant stages that it was in at that point, that's one of my favorite days."

Scott says the first day of tracking Love Remains they brought in some of her grandfather's beloved items.

"We brought his Bible in and sat it on the desk and a photo of him," she recalls. "Just remembering him in the process and that was really special, too."

Hillary Scott & the Scott Family's debut album, Love Remains, is out Friday (July 29).

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