It's been six months since Holly Bobo, cousin of country singer and 'Survivor' star Whitney Duncan, was kidnapped from her Tennessee home as she was preparing to leave for nursing school on April 13. October 12 marks Bobo's 21st birthday, and what would normally be a celebration has become deep pain for the family in light of her disappearance.

"Today is Holly's 21st birthday...keep her in your prayers please," Duncan, who appears on the fall season of 'Survivor: South Pacific,' tweeted early Wednesday. Bobo's family has not given up hope that they may find the University of Tennessee Martin student alive, but at this point, all they can do is pray.

"Every day I pray that this will be the day Holly returns. It hasn't happened yet. We are still waiting for that day," Bobo's mother, Karen Bobo, said. "We are holding on to the hope and have faith that she is still alive and that we will get her back. We just don't know when."

Every night since her kidnapping the Bobo family gathers to read scripture and pray for Holly's safe return, in addition to plastering Decatur County with fliers. Her mother added, "Hopefully, someone who has seen Holly will see a flyer and make a connection."

Karen Bobo also shared a message that she hopes extends to caring people everywhere, saying, "Pray for our family to be reunited. One of us is missing. We have to keep hoping and having faith that it is God's plan for Holly to make it back home. When that day comes, it will be a miracle from God. That is the only way she's coming home."

Anyone who might have information concerning Holly Bobo’s disappearance is urged to call the TBI at 1-800-TBI-FIND.