Home Free reenact band member Tim Foust's proposal to longtime girlfriend Jenika Marion in the video for their cover of Thomas Rhett's No. 1 hit song "Die a Happy Man."

In the nearly five-minute clip, bassist Foust can be seen in several picturesque locations with his fiancee including a waterfall, a hammock, on a farm and dancing under tea lights at a local restaurant.

"Unbeknownst to Jenika, our families and closest friends had traveled to Nashville from all over the country," Foust tells the Knot of how he pulled off the surprise. "I took her to one of our favorite restaurants, and when we walked in, they were all waiting there. It was a magical moment."

The video serves as a keepsake of the love between the couple as his Home Free bandmates sing "Die a Happy Man" while the two star as the leading roles. Foust says he and his soon-to-be bride plan on getting married in late December at a refurbished barn outside of Nashville, and they couldn't be more excited.

“Apart from generally keeping me on my toes, Jenika is the most thoughtful, caring person I know (and not just to me),” the singer says. “She remains steadfastly loving and supportive throughout this crazy, musical journey. She is the best partner a wayfaring singer could ask for.”

“Die a Happy Man” was the second single from Rhett’s latest album Tangled Up. The multi-week No. 1 was written about his wife, Lauren, whom he’s known since the first grade. Recently, it was named Top Country Song at the 2016 Billboard Music Awards.