Ever wonder what it takes to get front row seats at a festival like Country Jam? We braved the crazy crowd at this year's extravaganza to get answers, so you can test out these techniques for yourself!

Picture this: Frankie Ballard was shredding his guitar onstage, and the audience was going nuts. Taste of Country's Nicki D. was determined to get up close ... somehow, some way.

"We definitely got in line outside at 6 o'clock in the morning," admitted one fan. Pretty impressive, considering Ballard didn't play until 5PM!

"You gotta know somebody who knows somebody," said another.

A young girl with her friend revealed: "I always pretend like I know what I'm actually doing." This makes perfect sense — being confident and acting like you own the place can get you farther than you think. Her friend shared, "I follow her. She's the leader."

"You have to dance your way up," said a shameless fan in a big group. Who knew that busting out moves could get you front row? Now we know. As Nicki D. approached the security guard at the gate, however, she wasn't as fortunate. Even shouting at Frankie didn't seem to work. Better luck next time.

What are your tips to getting front row seats? Care to share your secrets? (Please?)