"Gonna party like we just turned 21," Hunter Hayes sings in "21." And the accompanying music video shows just that — the 23-year-old singer having a blast with a few friends, in front of a green screen.

Hayes doesn't typically show off his dance skills quite as much as he shows off his guitar talents, but in his "21" video, he balances a little of both. The clip is shot in front of the green screen, and though it's not an actual party, everyone makes it one, having a fabulous time as if they were at a 21st birthday party.

An array of flexible people, including breakdancers demonstrate some of their fast-paced skills while Hayes counts down to the beginning of the song. A girl shimmies next to Hayes' shadow as he laughs in front of the green screen. He only dances as a silhouette and is fully visible to his adoring fans when he's shredding on the guitar.

"'21' is the most fun I've had on set!" Hayes admitted on Twitter. "Having the band and Cole there brought all the good vibes!" Later, the singer posted a photo of himself and his band checking out the complete video for the first time, all of them surrounding a laptop to watch.

Watch Hayes rock out and bust a move or two in the "21" video above.

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