If you suffer from trypanophobia (medical lingo for fear of needles), then this story may not be for you. Hunter Hayes is partnering with the American Red Cross to help saves lives through blood donation.

During this summer's Wheels Up tour with Lady Antebellum and Sam Hunt, Hayes has set a goal to encourage at least 21,000 of his fans, in honor of his new single "21," to pledge to donate blood or platelets through his personal Hunter Hayes SleevesUp virtual blood drive.

“There is a line in my new single, "21," that says ‘life ain’t long enough,’” says Hayes. “I wanted to team with the American Red Cross to honor and celebrate all of those individuals who are constantly giving back and trying to make lives longer and better for sick patients around the country.”

Through the hashtag #HH21SleevesUp, Hayes plans to recognize fans who have blood donation and recipient stories with special concert tickets and a chance to honor loved ones by personally writing their names on a designated guitar.

Inspired to donate blood? Fans can pledge to donate through Hayes’ virtual blood drive page all through the summer months. So if you are afraid of the needle, don't worry — you won't be alone. Hayes will face his fear of blood and needles and turn "fear into purpose" by donating blood as well.

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