The much-anticipated first trailer for the Hank Williams biopic I Saw the Light is out, nearly a month after it was revealed that the film release will be delayed until next year.

The trailer opens with a quote from Hank Williams: "People don't write music. It's given to them." The two-minute trailer then reveals the ups and downs of Williams' life in the spotlight from his family troubles, life on the road, drinking habits, unfaithfulness and performances at the Grand Ole Opry.

"Boy, I'm a professional at making a mess of things," actor Tom Hiddleston, who plays Williams, says. Later he adds, "Everybody has a little darkness in them and I'm talking about things like anger, sorrow, shame. I show it to them and they hear it and they don't have to take it home."

As the trailer comes to a close, Hiddleston is heard talking about country music: "Country music. It's sincere. A man sings a sad song, he knows it's sad."

Last month, Sony Pictures Classics co-president Tom Bernard explained why I Saw the Light will delay its release until next spring.

“We looked at the landscape and are making a decision that I think is a good one for the film,” Bernard explains. “Tom Hiddleston’s got three movies out potentially, so the press is consuming him. I am watching him here in New York everywhere. And he’s going back down the river to catch the monkey.”

“What we saw was I Saw The Light up against the wall in this tight race of people throwing their Oscar movies out, and it’s almost all or nothing," he adds. "We thought this was a movie we could do a lot for leading up to its release that I think will put it in a much better place and we’ll be able to go for it [Oscars] next year with him and re-open it at Christmas.”

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