Ira Dean's debut single as a solo artist is an important first step in proving he is capable of more than being the wacky guy from Trick Pony. In 'Somethin' Bout a Sunday,' Dean stays within his limits vocally while exposing his heart -- and maybe his past -- to deliver an honest assessment of a life that every bad boy can relate to.

The ballad could be compared to one that fellow Average Joe's Entertainment artists Montgomery Gentry may have taken on at one point. Dean has spent time songwriting since his days with Trick Pony ended in 2008 and even penned one single for the country duo. Like MoGent, what he lacks as a singer he makes up for with passion.

"Woke up to church bells ringing in my ear / To the smell of cheap perfume and last night's beer / I can't remember what's-her-name / It's a good thing she ain't here," Dean sings to begin the song. It's a story of regret and possibly redemption, but that depends on each individual listener's interpretation and emotional connection. The verses are tight, with a heavy impact.

"'Amazing Grace' was wrote for guys like me / Just a walkin', talkin' train wreck on two feet / That lost their way straight but still believe / I still believe," Dean sings during the second verse of 'Somethin' Bout a Sunday.'

The chorus will initially remind fans of Craig Morgan's 'That's What I Love About Sunday,' but only in shape, not spirit. "There's something about a Sunday / Makes a man feel like some day he can change / Start his life all over / Get back to clean and sober / But tomorrow I'm right back to the same ol' same / But there's something about a Sunday / Makes a man feel like someday he can change."

This isn't a song that will bring a weak man to his knees upon the first listen, but if given a chance it could find a spot on that playlist of songs that warm one's soul. 'Somethin' Bout a Sunday' will be on Dean's next solo album.

Listen to Ira Dean, 'Somethin' Bout a Sunday'