This video for 'Just a Dream' is certainly worthy of the multiple award nominations it received after its release in 2008, but there's some interesting time travel happening that perhaps only the most astute Carrie Underwood fans picked up on. Early on in the clip, the two lovers sit in a 1965 Chevy Malibu convertible, and the outfits the singer wears during the domestic scenes seemed pulled from 'The Wonder Years' television series. The military officer who presents her with the letter shown on the previous page also drives a car from that era.

Yet, questionably, the letter he hands her is dated 2008, and the funeral scenes are certainly modern. It's possible that director Roman White was trying to avoid making a political statement at a time when US soldiers were still very involved in affairs in the Middle East. Adding a sense of nostalgia ultimately makes the video better (and less controversial), but one can't help but wonder why he didn't go all the way with it?