Gloriana is a heavily tattooed band, with all three members sporting ink work. Mike Gossin's are most noticeable however, because he just has so many! "It kind of got to a point where they stopped being countable," the guitarist said during a 2010 fan chat. "Mom is not a big fan of them, and every time I come home she says, 'Did you get another?' ... I have a bunch, they are personal markers of my life and reminders of what I was going through at the time of my life. I love them."

In 2009, the blonde brother explained the stories behind a few during a GTV episode. The most talked about inking is the writing on his right forearm. Gossin explains that it is the prayer to St. Michael, written in Latin. There are also a few stars, and two that he got along with his two older brothers. "The one that hurt the most, is probably the elbow." Ouch!