Jack Ingram says he's playing a few gigs around Valentine's Day this year, but he'll still be making time to do something romantic for his wife.

"I think that after 14 years of marriage the most romantic thing I can do is 1. Make sure we have a babysitter on Valentine's Day," Ingram tells Taste of Country.

"And 2. Get a reservation at a fairly nice restaurant that she digs and is close to the house," he continues.

Ingram says that Valentine's Day plan No. 3 would be to "make sure that I get the Honeymoon Suite at the local hourly rate motel so we can kick it old school with the blinds closed for an hour or two."

On second thought, he then adds, "Well ... scratch No. 3. I think I've been working too hard."

Ingram's next show is on Feb. 19 in Mariscopa, Ariz. at Harrah's Oasis Lounge.

The country star is also part of a current sweepstakes in which the prizes include an autographed Epiphone Gibson guitar.