Prom season is quickly approaching, and you know what that means. Grab your favorite country star and get him to help you snag a date for the dance! Well, it worked for one Owensboro Ky. teen and Jake Owen.

According to WBKR, Owensboro Catholic High School senior native Tyler Miles didn't go the conventional route when sheepishly asking Larissa Lewis if she would, um, maybe want to join him for, like, prom. Instead, Miles mustered up some courage and reached out to Owen to ask the question on his behalf. While girls aren't generally too keen on guys pulling the whole send-someone-else-to-do-the-dirty-work approach, what girl is going to say "No" to Jake Owen -- and in front of his entire Twitter audience no less?

Taking on the challenge, Owen hit Twitter and sent Miss Lewis a little message. "My name is Jake," he Tweeted, with her handle tagged at the beginning. "We've never met, but I have a question for you. Hope to hear from you, -J."

"Hey jake! What's the question?” the teen Tweeted back, to which Owen quickly responded: "@tylermiles14 wants you to go to prom w/ him. I said I'd ask u if he treated you nice." Just 10 minutes later, Lewis made Miles' spring dream come true, coming back with an emphatic "Yes,of course!!!! You can tell Tyler he has a date!"

Seeing that his work had been completed and another young couple was set up for an evening of bliss, Owen Tweeted one last thought: " Tyler, you owe me. You're welcome bro."

Watch Tyler and Larissa Talk About Their Prom Set-Up