Jake Owen heads south to soak up some sun in his unofficial 'Barefoot Blue Jean Night' video --  a montage of behind-the-scenes road trip footage which includes cameo appearances from Merle the bulldog.

Watch as Owen's tour bus races down the highway in the sunshine,  and sing along as the singer pumps up the crowd in this fun new mini-musical documentary. "We loaded bulldog Merle up in the bus and headed south to Vero Beach," the video description states. "We caught the kickoff to Chesney's tour in West Palm Beach and Tampa, got a little fishing done, and clocked a few hours at the Riverside."

The easygoing attitude of the video perfectly matches the carefree nature of Owen's latest single, which sings the praises of beer and beautiful women. "I'm stoked for you to hear all the new tunes, but I hope you'll blow the speakers out of your truck with 'Barefoot Blue Jean Night' until then," Owen says in a new blog. "If you love it, please tell your country radio station."

Owen is scheduled to play a concert in Tallahassee, Fla. this Friday, April 15, and the singer will hit the road with Keith Urban this summer. 'Barefoot Blue Jean Night' is now available for download on iTunes.

Watch the Unofficial Jake Owen 'Barefoot Blue Jean Night' Video